Detroit Lions Wallpapers for iPhone (2024)

Are you a diehard Detroit Lions fan looking to show your pride and passion? Decorating your iPhone with a Detroit Lions wallpaper is a great way to display your team spirit wherever you go. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect Lions wallpaper can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide will walk you through finding and selecting the ideal Detroit Lions wallpapers for your iPhone.


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Having an eye-catching Lions wallpaper is a simple way to demonstrate your fandom and pride. Whether you want a wallpaper featuring star players, the team logo, or photos from the stadium, there are countless options to make your iPhone uniquely yours. This guide will explore places to find great Lions wallpapers, things to consider when selecting one, and tips for customizing your wallpaper. Keep reading to find the perfect Detroit Lions wallpaper for your iPhone!

Where to Find Detroit Lions Wallpapers

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The first step is finding a source for Detroit Lions wallpapers. Here are some top places to look:

Detroit Lions Official Website

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As you would expect, the official Detroit Lions website offers wallpapers to show your pride [1]. They have mobile wallpapers optimized for various iPhone models featuring current star players like Jared Goff and D’Andre Swift. They also have options with vintage players like Barry Sanders and Lem Barney for a retro look. As the official team site, their wallpapers are high-quality and showcase professional designs.

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This extensive wallpaper site offers over 200 Detroit Lions background images [2]. They have wallpapers featuring the Lions logo, football stadiums, star players past and present, and more. You can find wallpapers sized for any iPhone model, including higher resolution retina displays. The selection makes it easy to find a wallpaper that matches your personal tastes.

Getty Images

For photography wallpapers, check out Getty Images [3]. This extensive collection features professional football photos from Detroit Lions games and practices. There are stunning action shots of touchdowns, tackles, catches, and more. For a personalized fan look, you can find wallpapers with you or your friends tailgating at Lions games.


Zedge offers a more unique selection of Detroit Lions wallpapers designed by fans [4]. You can find imaginative illustrations of Lions players, colorful designs featuring team logettes, and interesting photo collages. If you want a creative wallpaper you won’t find anywhere else, Zedge is worth browsing.


Football fans on Pinterest have shared lots of Detroit Lions wallpaper ideas. Searching Lions or Detroit Lions on Pinterest can uncover wallpapers you won’t find on the major sites. Follow boards from fellow Lions fans to get new wallpapers as they make them.

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With so many sources, it may take some time to browse before you find the perfect wallpaper for your iPhone. Keep your personal style and tastes in mind as you search.

Selecting the Best Detroit Lions Wallpaper

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Once you’ve browsed the various sources, how do you select the single best Detroit Lions wallpaper for your iPhone? Here are some key factors to keep in mind as you evaluate the options:


Select a wallpaper with a resolution that matches or exceeds your iPhone model. Using a wallpaper that doesn’t fit your resolution will distort the image. Most wallpaper sites indicate the resolution, but double check before downloading.

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Player Features

Do you want an action shot of Jared Goff throwing a touchdown? Or a wallpaper featuring legend Barry Sanders? Determine which players mean the most to you before you search. This will help narrow down options.


The Lions team colors are honolulu blue, silver, black, and white. Make sure the hues in your wallpaper match the team colors you love. Wallpapers that complement your phone case colors are also appealing.


Consider whether you want a solid background, stadium shot, action photo, or custom graphic. Solid backgrounds spotlight the main focus clearly. Stadium shots are nostalgic. Action photos convey movement and excitement. Custom graphics allow creativity. Decide which style suits you best.

Text and Logos

Some wallpapers incorporate team names, slogans, or logos. Make sure any text and logos are clear and legible rather than messy or distorted. Well-designed text makes a strong impact.


While many fans have similar wallpapers, you can make yours feel more personal by selecting a unique photo or design. Searching beyond major wallpaper sites can help you find an original look.

Evaluating these key factors will help you select the top Detroit Lions wallpaper for your iPhone.

Customizing and Applying Your Wallpaper

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Once you’ve found the perfect wallpaper, it’s time to customize it and apply it to your iPhone. Here are some tips:


You may need to crop or resize a wallpaper image to fit your iPhone screen. Use an editing app to adjust the dimensions and zoom in on key focal areas.

Adding Text

Using a photo editing app, you can add custom text like your name, jersey number, or a Lions slogan. Add text in team colors for a nice effect.

Creating a Collage

Turn multiple wallpaper images into a collage featuring your favorite players or Lions moments. Apps like PhotoGrid let you blend photos together creatively.

iPhone Wallpaper Settings

To apply your Detroit Lions masterpiece, open Settings, tap Wallpaper, then select the wallpaper. Adjust it to fit your screen, then tap Set.

Lock Screen

Don’t forget to also set your customized Lions wallpaper as the background image for your iPhone lock screen. This gives your phone a complete branded makeover.

With your ideal wallpaper active, your passion for the Lions will be clear each time you use your iPhone.

Top Wallpaper Ideas

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Need some extra wallpaper inspiration? Here are ten top ideas for Detroit Lions iPhone backgrounds:

  1. Matthew Stafford throwing a long bomb touchdown pass
  2. Barry Sanders performing his legendary juke move in a vintage photo
  3. The Lions secondary making a goal line stop with the stadium in the background
  4. A scenic photo of the Lions end zone with the painted team name
  5. An artistic rendering of the Lions logo in team colors
  6. Jared Goff taking a snap under center in a frozen tundra game
  7. Jamaal Williams and D’Andre Swift celebrating together after a score
  8. An illustration of a Lion wearing a Lions helmet
  9. The defensive line locked arm-in-arm before a game
  10. Calvin Johnson leaping up for one of his famous megatron catches

With the sheer number of options, you could change your Detroit Lions wallpaper daily and never repeat! Find a wallpaper that motivates you throughout the NFL season as the Lions progress towards the playoffs.


Personalizing your iPhone with a Detroit Lions wallpaper is an excellent way to demonstrate your lasting loyalty as a fan. This guide provided the best wallpaper sources, key selection criteria, customization tips, and creative ideas to inspire your choice. Finding and applying the ideal Lions iPhone wallpaper only takes a few minutes, so what are you waiting for? Show off your Detroit Pride!


Detroit Lions Wallpapers for iPhone (2024)


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