5 Websites and Forums Every Detroit Lions Fan Should Visit (2024)

5 Websites and Forums Every Detroit Lions Fan Should Visit

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    In the 1987 filmWall Street, Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gecko said, "The most valuablecommodity I know of is information." Anyone who's seen that great film knows the context ofhis statement, but if youhaven't, you might think Mr. Gecko was simply a sports fan looking for the latest dirt on his favorite team.

    After all, today's fan cravesup-to-the-minute information and analysis just like Gecko craved wadsof cash.

    It's no different for fans of the Detroit Lions.

    If Matthew Stafford stubbed his toe, millions of fans would want to know how it would impact his chances of starting in Week 1.

    If Cliff Avril signs a deal, fans want to know for how much and for how long before the inkdries.

    In my youth, we had to wait a whole day to find out information like that. We used to read this thing called a newspaper or watch the nextmorning's SportsCenter on ESPN. I know, it was the darkages.

    The Internet changed everything. Fans get their sports fixat home, in the car or laying on the beach somewhere. Information is everywhere and fans are always looking for the most reliable sources of it.

    Here are five websites that are just that. Every fan of the Lions should save these to their favorites and check themon a weekly basis; or if you're like me, on a daily basis.

    Obviously I don't have to extol the virtues of Bleacher Report on this list. You're reading the article so you already know.

5. Detroitlions.com

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    It makes sense that the official site of the Detroit Lions would be a good place to start if you're looking for information on the team. Tim Twentyman and veteran Detroit newsman Mike O'Hara do a great job reporting the news and keeping fans updated on the latest goings-on.

    It's a team site, so you won't find much in the way of criticism. Most of the content is pretty positive, which should be expected. The information presented is from the horses mouth so to speak. Example: Want to know what Gunther Cunningham thinks of Tahir Whitehead's progress? Check it out.

    Here you'llalso find the latest videos of interviews and media sessions with coaches and players.

    My favorite part of the site is its Lions History page. There are stats and photos galore, a complete draft history, bios of Lions greats and Hall of Famers, and a compilation of team records. You could lose yourself in there for days.

    OK, maybe that's just me.

    It's all essential information any die-hard Lions fan should have memorized.

4. The Detroit Sports Site

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    This website is runby Chris Burke, who currentlyauthors SI.com's"Audibles" blog and is also an avid Detroit Sports Fan.

    Chris and his team of talented writers produce unique content on the Lions and everything else in the Detroit sports world.Articles are from a fan's perspective, but you won't find any of the overly complimentary fluff that you find on other sites.

    Opinions are well thought out and articles are thought provoking. Here's an example of some recent titles:

    If you prefer a podcast the site also offers access to the Detroit Sports Showon blogtalkradio. Download it on iTunes and listen while you're jogging—or while you're sitting on your couch eating Doritos like me. Whatever works.

    *I apologize for the poor photo. It's the only screenshot I could find and there were no available photos of the site's logo.

3. The Pride of Detroit

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    SB Nation's unofficial Detroit Lions Blog is a quality source for Lions stats, rumors, news, analysis and scores; and it's all from a fan's perspective.

    There is a stable of writers and the articles are always very good, but this blog is unique because it gives fans of Detroit an opportunity to really contribute to the content of the site. Fans just need to sign up for anSB Nation account and they can start posting.

    These fanpostsgenerate tons of discussion which often is the most interesting and enjoyable part of the experience.

    There's other perks available too. Fanshotsoffer "quick hits" of photos, videosand other media that fans post. You can also purchase Lions apparel and there's even Lions tickets for sale.

    Bottom line: If you're a Lions fan and you have something to say, Pride of Detroit gives you an opportunity to have your voice heard.

    If you're looking for a straight Lions forum without all the extra bells and whistles, check out DetroitLionsForum.com. It's bare bones, but it's fan-run and you can interject yourself into a Lions discussion or debate with just a click of your mouse.

    You'll also find off-topic threads and at times the language is "colorful," but we're all adults here, right?

    *Again sorry for the photo, it was theonly screenshot I could find and the photo of the logo was too small.

2. ESPN's NFC North Blog

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    I know, telling sports fans to check out ESPN is like telling Mikel Leshoure and Nick Fairley to check out hydroponics. Chances are they've been there and done that.

    ESPN has covered sports like a blanket for years and ESPN.com is virtually unbeatable for up-to-the-minute sports news and analysis.

    For Detroit Lions fans, Kevin Seifert's NFC North Blog is essential reading. Not only does it offer great coverage of all the Lions goings-on, but it does the same for each of their divisional rivals.

    Want to find out the latestcrazinessto come out ofJermicheal Finley's mouth? Seifert's got it for you.

    There's also plenty of links to local websites for each team.

    Here are a couple of the most recent Lions topics featured on the blog: an analysis of the Lions backup QB situation; a link to a freep.com article dissecting the Nick Fairley drama; and analysisofthe defensivecoverage Calvin Johnson faced last season.

    Interesting stuff. If you haven't checked out Seifert's blog already, what are you waiting for?

1. MLive.com

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    I have to admit, for Lions coverage MLive is a personal favorite of mine and I check out the site daily.

    It was hometo the late, great Lions beat writer Tom "Killer" Kowalski, and I suppose he was the reason I got hooked on the site to begin with. He was a great writer and he knew the Lions better than anyone else. Actually he knew football better thananyone else.

    Most importantly hehad an unparalleled connection with his readers and that's whyhe'll always be missed.

    He left the Lions in pretty capable hands though.

    Lions beat writers Justin Rogers, Philip Zaroo and Anwar Richardson are three of the best in the business. They're true insiders and offer the most insightful behind the scenes look at the Lionsthat I've come acrosson the web.

    For the most factual andin-depth Lions information and analysis, you really can't do any better.

    There you have it. Combined, these sites will provide you with all the Lions information you could ever want. If you regularly peruse their content, you'll be able to impress your friends and family with the depth of Lions knowledge you possess.

    Better yet, if you're like me, you'llalso greatly annoy them with said knowledge. Enjoy!

5 Websites and Forums Every Detroit Lions Fan Should Visit (2024)


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