Adorable Photo of Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Paul Rudd With Star Patrick Mahomes Resurfaces Hours Before Kickoff (2024)

Not many celebrity fans are as vocal about their support as Paul Rudd. The Marvel star had been cheering for the team representing his hometown since he was a boy, and is excited to be sharing the same energy and support with his sons. Even though his kids grew up in New York and he himself “lived in New York three times longer than” he lived in Kansas City, “they were Chiefs fanatics before Patrick Mahomes.” “It’s nice that I get to share in the successes of KC sports teams with them and they feel it strongly,” said the 54-year-old actor.

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With only hours to the season open, an adorable picture featuring the Chief’s star QB and Ant-Man has been doing its rounds on social media. Rudd embodies perfectly the emotions of millions, as fans and NFL analysts alike brace themselves for the action-laden Chiefs and Lions matchup.

Superhero’s super fan moment for Paul Rudd


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The Ant-Man fame actor is captured on the field after a Chiefs match with Patrick Mahomes extending his hand for a shake with someone outside the frame. The emotions on Rudd’s face as he looks upon the star quarterback, steals the show. The pride in his eyes embodies the feelings felt by millions of fans as they witnessed their favorite team reach phenomenal heights.

Find someone that looks at you the way Paul Rudd looks at Patrick Mahomes

— BBQ Dom (@RealBBQDom) September 6, 2023

The Hollywood actor who plays one of the most popular Marvel superheroes was once famously asked to describe one of his favorite moments in life. Apart from getting married and the birth of his children, he didn’t hesitate to mention witnessing the Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV. “…because as a kid, to see your team win something big that you really care about is such an amazing thing,” Rudd said.

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Adorable Photo of Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Paul Rudd With Star Patrick Mahomes Resurfaces Hours Before Kickoff (6)

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“Mahomes Made It!!”: Fans Express Their Dismay to Chris Jones on the Heels ofRejoicing Kansas City Chiefs’ Final Roster

When Patrick Mahomes was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player for 2022 second time in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs shared a special tribute video on Instagram, featuring his teammates, superfan Rudd, and his wife Brittany Mahomes. “Congratulations on MVP,” Rudd said in the video, “No one deserves it more. From all of us Chiefs fans across the world, we love you and we thank you and we sure are glad you play for our team.”

With the Chiefs gearing up for their first match of the season against the Detroit Lions at the Arrow Head Stadium, fans can only wish that there’s an encore of Super Bowl LVII (2023) turning it into a winning streak.

The field is set for the 2023 season

Since their last encounter in September 2019, both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions have undergone considerable transformations. The Chiefs, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid, have made three Super Bowl appearances and emerged victorious in two. However, the Lions, with no Super Bowl wins so far rebounded last year with a 9-8 season and closed out impressively with an 8-2 streak. Now, both franchises are determined to compete for playoff spots in 2023, making this upcoming meeting the perfect kickoff for what promises to be an exciting slate of games.

Adorable Photo of Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Paul Rudd With Star Patrick Mahomes Resurfaces Hours Before Kickoff (8)

Both teams have undergone considerable internal changes, with the Lions strengthening its defense and drafting a potential star running back in the form of rookie Jahmyr Gibbs who is expected to be utilized in unconventional plays this season. Chiefs, on the other hand, are most likely to be going on their first season match without Travis Kelce and Chris Jones, which might weigh in the Lions’ favor.


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Paul Rudd is every @Chiefs fan rn 😂

— FOX Sports (@FOXSports) February 3, 2020


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The last time the Chiefs appeared in the Super Bowl before 2023 and 2020 was in 1970. Regardless of the odds this season, trophy or no trophy, the Kansas City Chiefs can boast of one thing that remains consistent year after year- the support of their fans who continue to cheer their men in red and gold. To them, in Paul Rudd’s words, “they’re lifelong.”

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Adorable Photo of Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Paul Rudd With Star Patrick Mahomes Resurfaces Hours Before Kickoff (2024)


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