Puréed Potatoes With Lemon Recipe (2024)



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Julie B

I'd be inclined to try this with half as much butter. If you serve 4 people this recipe, each person is eating half a stick of butter, and this is just a side dish! Yukon Golds are already pretty buttery.


A baked potato, quartered and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and brushed with butter and lemon juice would be just as good, IMHO.

Kristen S.

This is in Ina's new cookbook, Modern Comfort Food. Made it this week exactly as instructed and it was creamy and delicious. I wouldn't recommend cutting down the butter. Ina indicates that butter has a tendency to get bitter so if you want to make in advance, I would recommend prepping it completely without the lemon. When you reheat it, cook it over low heat, add more milk if needed and then whisk in the lemon.


Greeks have been eating lemon potatoes for centuries.


The reason for this much salt in the cooking water is the same reason you do it for pasta. I didn’t get it either until I tried it, and It makes a HUGE difference (it doesn’t make it super salty). I’m sure there is some scientific reason why it works but I’m not sure what that is. So, Ina is saying that the water is should be like sea water, and it flavors the potatoes from the beginning. You just need to watch the salt you add later


lol, I am french originally and my mum taught me to steam potatoes, use a little of the steam water and then plenty, plenty of butter. The potatoes when steamed really retain more flavor... ;)


Try this: cook sliced potatoes in salted water, don‘t drain completely after cooking - this water serves as the „basic“ fluid for the purée. Then add condensed milk (10% fat, the „normal“, NOT the sweetened one), about 40-80 grams to taste, and add a few teaspoons of butter. Whisk it with an electrical hand mixer right in the cooking pot - that way and by using some of the potato flavored cooking water you keep as much potato-taste as possible.

Caroline M

I've never put milk in mashed potatoes. I drain all but "enough" water and mash with a stick of butter.


This isn't (American) mashed potatoes. This is pureed potatoes aka pommes puree, a French dish. Different, and absolutely heavenly.


I grew up with something similar to this (it was my dad's favorite) with the following exceptions: Butter was replaced with olive oil and a good bit of lemon juice was whipped in the puree. I can not be certain of milk in the puree but just that, not certain.


I think you mean EVAPORATED milk - at least in US, all condensed milk is sweetened.

Betsy W.

I had to change this slightly because we have dairy free folks. So, I used olive oil, and goat cheese (1/2 a log), and roasted a head of garlic and added that. These were absolutely delicious because of the lemon. Brilliant. Some day I will be able to try it out with full dairy. Love this.


I'm from Wisconsin. We don't have any non cows.

Andy Palmer

I was tempted by the lemon idea, but that much butter and salt is a restaurant trick, neither creative or healthy in a home kitchen!


That is a crazy amount of butter.For holidays? Go for it!

Meg D

I used half the butter but it was still amazing. Whip the potatoes with a handheld mixer with whisk attachments and the texture is light and airy and wonderful. The lemon zest makes this *chef’s kiss* spectacular.


Lemon in regular mashed potatoes is yummy, also. I do this to accent any Greek grilled foods. Really lemon anypotatoes….But here, how does one avoid the whole over-mixed potato paste that happens? Does it not end up in this same texture?

Norm Stafford

Made it to take as one of the potato disched at our family Thanksgiving. It was a big hit and there were (sadly) no leftovers


These potatoes are to die for! Don’t skimp on the butter, heat the milk in a liquid measuring cup in the microwave to avoid washing another pan, dry the riced pasta by stirring it over low heat before beginning to add the cold butter, use a wooden spoon to beat the potatoes as you add the butter and then, a little at a time, the milk—-honestly, this dish is all I needed for our Thanksgiving dinner.


This is one of the most unnecessarily complicated written recipes for one of the easiest food items. Easy: peel and boil potatoes, drain water, mash potatoes with a hand masher in the pot, add milk or cream enough to make it as liquid as you like, add a good amount of butter and/or olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon zest, mash again, done. Takes 2 minutes after boiling, it’s fast food.


so... regular old mashed potatoes with 2 tablespoons of lemon zest?


OK - these are silly instructions. Peel (or not - I never do) the potatoes. Just melt the butter in with the milk. Then process the whole thing in a food processor with the lemon zest, salt & pepper. Creamy, tasty, lemony, done. Nuff said.


Used more lemon, multi color Yukon golds with skins and mixer. Delicious


This is a very nice and easy recipe. I used a hand masher and the texture was still fine. I second the recommendation to not even bother with milk and just use the reserved water that the potatoes were cooked in. Had a great consistency and cuts down on additional calories.

Sue D.

For presentation, Add chopped chives on top with a pat of butter.


Wonderful recipe but adapted. Used yukon golds& left skin on. Used less salt, extra virgin olive oil. Will make again


I have used a similar recipe in the past but it also includes a nice amount of garlic together with the lemon. Delicious!


I have absolutely nothing against butter, and use it as one of many different variety of fats in my cooking, but honestly 2 sticks of butter with anything would make that thing delicious.Re the gummy potatoes, you let them cook too long. They should be piping hot when you mash/rice them.

Jenny A

Would a hand blender work to puree the potatoes?


lol, I am french originally and my mum taught me to steam potatoes, use a little of the steam water and then plenty, plenty of butter. The potatoes when steamed really retain more flavor... ;)

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Puréed Potatoes With Lemon Recipe (2024)


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