Help | VSPOne Rewards (2024)

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*If the contact for your account has changed and you are not able to log in, please reach out to your Ophthalmic Business Consultant.

Program Participation

Q: Who can participate in VSPOne Rewards?

A: Customers of VSPOne Technology Centers. *Some restrictions may apply, see terms and conditions for additional information.

Q: Am I required to participate in the program if I use one of the labs shown above?

A: No. Your participation in the Rewards Program is voluntary. To participate you must register with the program.

Q:Can I add others in my office to my VSPOne Rewards account?

A: Yes. You can add team members to your account by using the “My Team” tab. Once users are added, points may be added or deleted by the principal account holder.

Earning, Redeeming and Tracking Points

Q: Do my points start accumulating when I activate my account?

A: Accounts will receive the previous 4 weeks points earned upon approved registration.

Q: How do I earn VSPOne Rewards points?

A: You earn rewards points by submitting orders through VSPOne Optical Technology Centers for products highlighted in the promotions and offers available through this program.

Q: When will my points expire?

A:Points earned from January 1, 2024- December 31, 2024through the 2024VSPOne Rewards program will expire on January31, 2025.

Q: How does VSP know when I have placed a lab order that can earn points?

A: Each order you place through a participating lab is tracked through our lab order-management system. Qualifying orders are uploaded into VSPOne Rewards accordingly. Points are deposited weekly for the previous 3rd week's shipped orders. *Some restrictions may apply, see terms and conditions for additional information.

Q: How can I check my point balance?

A: When you login, you will see a point summary on the landing page. You can also find additional details about your points by going to the “points” section under your profile drop down menu.

Q: When can I expect my electronic gift card?

A: Immediately after purchasing your electronic gift card is available to spend! Go to your orders page under your account drop down menu. Select the order number and you will find a set of instructions on how to clairmyour gift card and your claim code or url link. *Does not apply to Virtual Visa, this will be emailed to you.

Q: Can I still earn VSPOne Rewards points for eligible orders, even if I am getting premiums from other VSP promotions/programs for the same product?

A: Yes. The points you earn through VSPOne Rewards are in addition to any other points/savings you receive from other VSP promotions/programs.*some restrictions may apply

Account Questions

Q: How do I change the contact information on my account?

A: Click the HELP button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to submit a request. The VSPOne Rewards team will assist.

Q:I don’t know my account number, how do I find it?

A: Your account number appears on your invoice above your practice name. If you don’t have an invoice you can reach out to your Ophthalmic Business Consultant to obtain this information.

Q: I want to transfer my points from multiple accounts into one account. How do I do that?

A: Click the HELP button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to submit this request. The VSPOne Rewards team will assist.

Q: Why is my account locked or not earning points?

A: There are a few reasons that members would not earn points. If you are a member of PECAA or part of an agreement you may not be eligible to participate in VSPOne Rewards. Reach out to yourOphthalmic Business Consultant if you have questions.


Q: Do I have to pay taxes on items I order from the online shopping catalog?

A: Though all applicable sales tax and shipping are already included in the point value of each itemin the online shopping catalog, any applicable federal, state, and local income taxes are not. Participating ECPs should consult with their tax advisors about whether the rebates reduce their cost for income tax purposes of the lenses purchased from VSP, or whether the W-2s of the ECP’s employees, who are given the points, should reflect the value of the points redeemed.

VSP Optics reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the VSPOne Rewards Program at any time and at its sole discretion. By participating in the VSPOne Rewards Program, you agree to comply with the Program Terms and Conditions, which may be updated from time to time by VSP Optics.

Help | VSPOne Rewards (2024)


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